2020 Election was rigged

Concerning the 2020 election, the main issue was people saying that the election was rigged. They have found my much evidence to prove that the elections were rigged, and that they have sworn affidavits that state that they saw people throw away votes. There has been an overwhelming wave of news and drama concerning the election, whether it was the deep state rigging it so that one candidate won more votes, or whether it had to do with the electronic voting machines being tampered with during the elections. I will be going through each of these. The first is the people seeing the election workers moving ballots out of the warehouses, this is true because of the fact that we have sworn statements from witnesses in court that this has happened on multiple sites for voting and form what the witnesses have stated, it has been hundreds if not thousands of votes that were thrown away. Another case of this is the investigators found thrown away chips and SD cards with the votes on it, most of the votes favored one contestant more than the other, these cards were found in the trash can and they found video evidence of the man who threw them away. The next is the deep state, which is mainly considered to be the Democrat party. This party was accused of tampering with the elections by having corrupt leaders, and having a deliberate and detailed plan to overthrow the election and make sure that the last president wouldn’t get reelected, even going as far as to impeach him so that he couldn’t run anymore. These have all been proven true, years of traitors and corrupt leaders have been exposed for this, and over the years is has gotten progressively worse. The last one is foreign countries tampering with the election so America will become a socialistic country. South American countries have a history of tampered elections, even to this day. They have elections that were swayed because of the same election method and company used by the US elections. These election booths can be hacked into and change votes for one candidate onto the other without any traces of there ever being hacked. This has been proven because of the sheer corruptness of the governments.

Proving its wrong

I will be going over this news statements facts and going over each one separately talking about whether it was true or not and whether or not it effected the election even if it was true. The fist example was the thrown away ballots that they found and had sworn statements and witnesses to prove this was true. This is, in fact true, except the number of votes, there is expected to be some tampering with any election, but not on a scale to change the course of a whole election, they would have to throw away millions of votes for this to add up in the end. Again, with the SD cards found in the trash, proven true, but not enough to change the course of a whole election. The next part has one of the least amounts of evidence, this is more of a character attack more than a logical and thought out attack on certain corrupt parties, it’s more of the fact that they don’t like the things that the party stands for. The next part is the foreign tampering. Now I will admit, there is a good reason for countries to want to change the election, but the fact that its connected to certain companies and the elections of south American socialistic areas, doesn’t mean that it is somehow a giant web of lies and deceit, stemming from communism. The main reason this is an issue is because of the media outlets that people watch. One side watching the extreme form both views, if either side won, it would be a violent election no matter what. There would be violence and protesting, so the way to fix this is to have a open mind on politics, don’t just watch one side of the story.